Vertical lines highlight Orthoheal X-TECH that enables active ingredients to go through multiple layers of the skin. Lines can also be read as ‘IN’.

Two letters not only bookend ‘Inerskin’ but also encapsulate the essence of the product.

Since May 2011, Dr. Song and his research team from Korea University Medical Center have been studying to develop faster and effective treatment method for his patients.During his study, he found that this faster and effective treatment method can be utilized in beauty cosmetic industry to give customers significant results in a short period of time.
There are many good-quality cosmetics at the mass market, but we are not able to deliver the cosmetics deep into our skin.
Now created by Orthoheal-X TECH and Microcurrent, INERSKIN, promise to deliver active ingredients deep into your skin with rejuvenation.

Quicker, Deeper, Younger

You Complete Me

Orthoheal – Beauté Ensemble™ Technology